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Our Classes

These levels and divisions are a guideline only and are color coded based on class attire.  

Students may be placed in a higher or lower level depending on previous experience. 

If you're new to BACT, contact us for your perfect class recommendation. 


View our schedule here.


My Grown Up and Me (ages 18 months to 2.5 years)

This 6 week session is the perfect way to introduce a young child to music and age appropriate movement.  As the grown-up you'll love the experience with your child and enjoy sharing smiles, giggles and fun.  You'll know all that each carefully planned portion of class is helping your child to grow physically, emotionally and socially.  

Seafoam Ballet/Creative Movement (ages 3-4)

This class will give your little dancer a basic introduction to ballet steps and positions while enhancing their motor skills and coordination with exciting exercises in music qualities and rhythms, story-telling with movement and free dance with various props.  Classes are developmentally appropriate, both physically and emotionally.  Our positive and encouraging   environment is sure to ignite their love for ballet! 

Lilac Ballet (ages 5-6)

Introduce your young dancer to the beautiful art of ballet! This class will enhance your child's coordination, balance and flexibility with the teaching of basic ballet positions, steps and terminology through standing barre work and simple center floor exercises. Your child will also enjoy simple and fun exercises in creative dance and music exploration.  This class allows your dancer to lay the foundation for classical ballet in fun, yet challenging environment. 

Fuchsia Ballet for Beginners (ages 7-8)

Our Fuchsia class is the perfect introduction to ballet for 7-8 year olds.  Meeting once per week, this class is perfect for the beginner student.  Students learn the basic ballet positions, the progression of a standard ballet barre and learning the French vocabulary that defines all the steps in ballet. These students also move into beginning center work, away from the support of the ballet barre.  They enjoy an end of the year class performance.  

Turquoise Ballet (ages 7-10)

Come enjoy the excitement and beauty of classical ballet! This level will focus on ballet terminology and technique through the execution of barre work, center and across the floor exercises. Your child will have a clear understanding of body alignment, movement quality, carriage of upper body, musicality and flexibility.  Dancers will experience the opportunity to join the youth ballet ensemble and their confidence will grow as they work toward putting their skills on stage.  Our Monday class concludes with half an hour of Progressing Ballet Technique (PBT) while our Wednesday class is ballet only. 

Contemporary Dance (ages 7-10)

Contemporary dance is a style of expressive dance that combines elements of several dance genres including modernjazzlyrical and classical ballet.

This class meets once per week.

Purple (ages 11-12), Blackberry (ages 12-13) and Royal (ages 14+)

Dancers entering this level build upon the foundation they've laid in previous years.  They are prepared to focus more deeply on artistry and technique and the demands of more complex classwork and choreography.   They are provided opportunities for leadership through mentoring of younger dancers, assistantship under our teachers, private coaching and college preparation

Under the Artistic Direction of Amy Lowe, members of our ensemble participate in a well-balanced schedule of classes and rehearsals that include: classical ballet technique, pointe, variations and partnering. In addition and to complement the ballet curriculum, classes are offered in dance conditioning, safe stretching, contemporary and Broadway dance.  Students in this level enjoy increased performance opportunities.



For a personalized schedule, contact us at

 850.510.1302 or

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