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Our Mission

Ballet Arts Conservatory provides dancers of all ages an encouraging environment where they are given the opportunity to grow and excel.  By delivering high quality dance training, we nurture each student’s unique gifts of talents and creativity, all while celebrating their journey through our school. We encourage our students to achieve their fullest potential and we support them as they grow artistically and academically.


Our mission is to grow the next generation of dancers, as well as instill a lifelong appreciation of dance, theater and music in our students. 


WE VALUE teaching proper technique while being mindful of each student’s health and development, both physical and emotional. 

WE BELIEVE students reach their highest potential when they are in an environment that mentors, cares and supports.

OUR FACULTY are highly trained professionals who possess years of experience, degrees, professional performing careers, and most importantly, a gift for working with aspiring youth.

WE TEACH classical ballet, as well as other complimentary dance forms.  Each level is carefully crafted to incorporate the building blocks needed before advancing to a new level. We take great care to see each student as an individual, carefully monitoring each student’s needs and progress.

WE PERFORM regularly, as the technical work in the classroom is a preparation for performing. All students may participate in an annual year-end concert, students age 5 and up audition for our winter and spring ballets and students in our upper levels receive invitations to take a deeper dive into dancer life by joining our Youth Ballet Ensemble. Ensemble dancers benefit from additional performing opportunities and serving our surrounding communities.

WE COMMIT ourselves to fostering an environment that values all individuals and treat each student equally with the respect and dignity they deserve.  

TAKE A STEP and discover why our school is a unique and special environment. Contact us at

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