Read What Your Friends Are Saying About Us

“Lyn-Marí has been attending [Ballet Arts Conservatory of Tallahassee] since she was 3 1/2. She was and is in love with dance and thinks of the teachers and other dancers at [B.A.C.T.] as the dance part of her extended family. As she progresses through the classes , she is becoming more self-confident, poised, and responsible every year. The ABT curriculum now being taught has enabled Lyn to become even stronger and more sure of herself. I can see the changes in her daily. As I watch her develop and grow as a person and a dancer, I would like to thank Amy and all of the people at [B.A.C.T.] for the wonderful training in dance and in life that they have given Lyn.”


- Phyllis James, mother to Lyn-Mari, B.A.C.T dancer of 11 years and pre-professional division student


"Julia has a wonderful time at dance class, and we’re very impressed by your studio. It’s so comforting to know we can leave Julia in such capable, friendly, professional hands, and that she’ll have fun and learn at the same time. And the respect that the girls are shown is so refreshing. Your attention to the details is very much appreciated.”


And in the words of a 4-year-old:Julia Kate, age 4: “I love going to dance class because my teacher is lots of fun and likes to be silly sometimes, and I like to dance and play with my new friends!”


- Christine White, mother to student of three years,  Julia

“My daughter is in her eleventh year at [B.A.C.T.]. I have watched her grow from a quiet, tentative child to a strong, graceful dancer under the careful nurturing of Amy Lowe and her staff. [B.A.C.T.] has provided the perfect after school activity for my daughter, keeping both her mind and body fully engaged. She has developed the kind of strong healthy friendships at the studio that all parents want for their child, and I am most satisfied knowing that she is also getting the best possible dance instruction through the ABT curriculum as well as performance opportunities that include professional quality full-length ballets. I cannot imagine a better experience for any child.”-


-  Linda Bulecza, mother to  Tori, dancer of 11 years and pre-professional division student


“Thank you so much for sharing the art of dance with my daughter. This opportunity has taught her so much more than simply moving across the floor. The style, attention to detail, and fun motivational techniques always leaves a smile on her face and the desire to come back for more…My daughter never wants to miss a class!What a wonderful feeling to see my daughter step on that big dance floor in “Christmas in Narnia” and glide into the world of music and motion with great confidence! ……Nothing comes close to [B.A.C.T.]’s ABT training.”


- Shannon Martin-Burks, mother to Tyler, student of seven years

“This will be my daughter’s, Caroline, eighth year at [B.A.C.T.]    I know she is getting the best ballet training available in Tallahassee. Amy Lowe has created the perfect balance of a warm and nurturing yet professional dance environment.”


- Angela O’Bryant, mother to Caroline, dancer of eight years and pre-professional division student

“I have been consistently impressed by the level of professionalism and skill that goes into every performance at B.A.C.T. We have been fortunate to have Ms. Amy and the ABT curriculum from the beginning. What I love about the approach of Ms. Amy and all the [B.A.C.T.] teachers is that they focus on technique. My daughter is really learning the proper form of each step, not just mimicking moves.Another wonderful thing I enjoy is watching the interaction between the senior and apprentice CEYEB members and our younger girls. The older girls are so generous with them, encouraging them and supporting them as they participate in the performances. Ms. Amy has high expectations for the dancers and they clearly respond to that. They are challenged to do their best not just in the dance studio, but in everything they do.I had the opportunity to help backstage at our original winter ballet Christmas in Narnia and I was in awe of the talent and passion of all the dancers. They work so hard and the results are incredible!I would recommend [B.A.C.T.] for anyone who is looking for a fun and rewarding dance experience for their child.”


- Cindy Tan, mother to Riley, dancer of seven years and pre-professional division student

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