Why Choose Us


• All ballet classes are instructed using the RPM (Revolutionary Principles of Movement) Curriculum led by 

Master Teacher, Amy Lowe.  


• Small class sizes to ensure individual attention


• A planned syllabus for each level to ensure proper growth and technique taking into consideration the varying 

needs of children's physical and emotional well-being


• Exciting performance opportunities for all levels to develop the appreciation of dance as an art form


• All music and costuming is age appropriate


• Our instructors are all highly qualified adults who regularly undergo continuing education


• Enjoy the the family atmosphere of a small school with the opportunities and professionalism of a larger school


• Spacious and safe environment


Our Educational Philosophy 

Providing each student with the best technical and artistic training possible is at the heart of vision. Our job as arts educators goes well beyond developing technique as we support the holistic development of the whole student. We strive to create and maintain a nurturing environment for all our students. We have high expectations for our students to learn, to grow and to achieve so they can reach their full potential all while learning to love and appreciate not only themselves but dance as an art form. Our faculty works hard to foster our student’s individual development, to correct and guide along the way and to thoughtfully communicate progress in a positive and supportive manner. Each student will grow and develop at his/her own rate, in his/her own time and we truly celebrate each individual’s unique journey through our school. With the goal to provide excellence and access to the art form of classical ballet and dance, BACT strives to: 


  • Deliver comprehensive ballet training to a broad-based student body with various aspirations, skill levels and ages through instruction in the Revolutionary Principles of Movement Curriculum. 


  • Instill value, life-skills and health benefits through the educational process specific to the study of dance, emphasizing and celebrating the process/journey through our school (not end-product focused). 


  • Create life-long dance and arts lovers, advocates and audience members.


  • Build self confidence by helping your child achieve personal, attainable goals


  • Establish self discipline,  respect for oneself and others


  • Acquire poise and grace


  • Develop stage presence and good bodily communication that can translate into the academic setting 


  • Understanding team work and working toward a common goal


  • Understand the relationship between music, rhythm and controlled body movement


  • Appreciate dance as an art form


  • Develop social interaction and friendships


  • Preparation for a professional career or college program for those students wishing to pursue that avenue


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